Arctic Defense
Arctic Defense

Join the coldest epic battle you have ever seen! Kill the waves of lethal penguins, seagulls, wolves, and walruses and polar bears before they reach and destroy your igloo!

At your disposal, you have a team of brave Eskimo warrior-types, each with its own upgrades:
- Machine Moes: Shoots large clips of machine gun fire, barraging the enemies with bullets.
- Billy Bull's Eyes: Skilled Eskimo snipers. Does a lot of damage, but takes time reloading.
- Shotgun Steves: Disintegrates the attacking arctic animals with the use of a powerful shotgun.
- Bazooka Bobs: Eskimos with a bazooka - who would have guessed? Kills everything within a certain area.

Good luck, Eskimo Commander!
Eskimo upgrades for:
- Ammo
- Range
- Precision
- Reload Speed
- Clip size

- Unlock all 18 levels
- Gather 10 upgrade points
- Beat "Gull's Eye" with no igloo damage and precision 100%
- Finish all levels

Times played: 2.869
File size: 2,7 Mb
Author: King
Genre: Defense, Strategy
Published: 11 years and 311 days ago.
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