Youda Legend
Youda Legend

Mysterious happenings are afoot in the city of Amsterdam, and it's up to you to solve the enigma! In Youda Legend: The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond, you are the legend! From a hazy, poorly recollected beginning in your hotel room, to the sensory panoply of the Rijksmuseum, search high and low for the source of the city's curse. You'll find this delightful hidden object game to be the best trip you've had all year!

The dark influence of an old curse still taunts the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Puzzling through old city mysteries and searching for clues you might be on the biggest quest you have ever experienced. Starting off as a tourist in Amsterdam, you sense there is something in the air! Once settled in your hotel room, more and more mysteries reveal. Explore this city by combining clues and solving puzzles. You have no choice but use all the knowledge and wisdom you may find during your exploration. Passing by the most famous places in Amsterdam, like the Rijksmuseum, the Flower Market and the Carre Theatre, you will solve the mysteries that finally lead you to the greatest diamond you have ever seen! The curse of the Amsterdam diamond has all the ingredients an hidden object adventure could wish for. An eagles eye and common sense will lead you through an exciting adventure in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Hidden clues and tools will provide you enough rope to hold on to and the amazing design will make your heart beat just a little bit faster.

Times played: 2.220
File size: 15,2 Mb
Author: FreeOnlineGames
Genre: Puzzle
Published: 8 years and 109 days ago.
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