Village of Nightmares
Village of Nightmares
Post-apocalyptic Russia, 2011; A group of 26 people move into an old abandoned village to try to survive from the hordes of zombies which have taken over the major cities.

In this Zombie Survival Strategy game your goal is to keep your citizens alive for as long as possible. You can directly control your citizens using squad-based strategy controls, instructing them to scavenge, loot, collect and build.

Most of the time the land is peaceful, you can freely explore and scavenge in the snowy flats around your village. But the undead are not far away, each night a zombie attack ensues. Crowds of zombies attack your village - your job is to tell your citizens where to shoot. Move the crosshair onto the approaching zombies and click to shoot them with the weapons that you\'ve collected.

Build a laboratory and work out the correct combination of chemicals to create the cure! Mix the chemicals and test them on your faithful citizens to try to find the cure for the infection!
Times played: 3.382
File size: 6,7 Mb
Author: Nexic
Genre: Strategy
Published: 8 years and 172 days ago.
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