The Stone of Destiny
The Stone of Destiny

Fancy yourself an Indiana Jones type of adventurer, finding valuable hidden treasures that others have unsuccessfully searched for?  Maybe a good, old fashioned mystery is just the ticket for you. This fascinating hidden-object game is just made for those who crave for riddles and adventures.

The Stone of Destiny has something for every adventurous spirit in search of intrigue.  Mysterious disappearance of your uncle is only the beginning of a thrilling journey, during which you will explore pyramids, heart of the forest, dark cellar, sea bottom and lots more looking for the objects from the list. You never know where objects may be found, you’ll have to keep an open mind and be thorough. The yellowed map of the world may even lead you to the briny depths in search a long forgotten shipwreck.

You’ll love the beautiful, high resolution graphics and ease of playing that this game offers. Be brave and attentive, and step by step you will solve the riddle of the Stone of Destiny!

Times played: 2.344
File size: 1,9 Mb
Author: AvallonAlliance
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Other
Published: 11 years and 72 days ago.
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