Major Tomcat hates 'Chance Music' (Cheesey Trance) and these mice never stop singing and dancing to it.

Tom is too old to catch the sneaky lil' rats so 'in his old age' has decided to use a more strategic method, a mortar gun and explosive bombs. This is the only way to stop them permanently and finally stop their catchy 'Chance Music' from spreading.

Each 'Award' completed unlocks a new song and a new mouse dance, so the more you complete, the more awesome songs you get to listen to and the more awesome moves these mice will perform!

Each 'Award' gained also increases a score multiplier, so the more awards you unlock the higher score you're able to achieve!!

All saved in a flash cookie so you don't lose your progress.

Press the 'Change Music' down the bottom right if you find that you're feeling that a particular song is just too full of awesome and you want a change!

Times played: 2.346
File size: 3,6 Mb
Author: Psionic
Genre: Arcade, Defense, Shooter
Published: 8 years and 346 days ago.
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