Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush

You're a small orange creature with an appetite for sweets, cakes and ice cream. Each tasty morsel lets you bounce higher into the sky. How high can you reach? Some sweets you find will give you temporary special powers - for instance marshmallows double your size, cupcakes give a speed boost, and gummy bears attract other sweets toward you.

Sweets also give you energy. If you're about to fall, clicking the mouse will activate a 'boost' which uses 100 energy. Try to save your boosts for emergencies - if you have less than 100 energy you can't boost and one false move will end your game!

Includes an online high score table with Facebook and Twitter integration.


Use the mouse to steer the orange creature left and right.
Click the left mouse button to activate boost.
Press [Space] to pause, [M] to mute sound.

Times played: 3.082
File size: 854 Kb
Author: Gimme5Games
Genre: Action, Arcade
Published: 9 years and 135 days ago.
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