Stick Figure Smash 3
Stick Figure Smash 3
Stick Figure Smash 3 is the latest edition in the Stick Figure Smash series. It features the original game modes, such as:

Score mode - Where you aim to achieve an online highscore by smashing the ragdoll for maximum damage!

Life mode - Kill the ragdoll as fast as possible to see where you measure up on the scoreboards!

Multiplayer - Vs your friends or team up for a highscore!

The new and improved Bloodbath Mode - Fill the room with the blood of the ragdoll as fast as possible using new and exciting weapons such as a gun, a knife, and grinders!

Stick Figure Smash 3 also has four brand new modes:

Trials mode - Kill the ragdoll as many times as you can before your timer runs out!

Challenges mode - Challenge yourself through 15 levels and 3 difficulties in a range of fun challenges!

Sandbox mode - Don't feel like setting a high score or having a time limit? Go crazy in Sandbox mode and smash the stick figure until he is limp!

There's a Secret mode which is unlocked after completing the Challenges!

Stick Figure Smash 3 provides a long gameplay with loads of fun and replay value! Stylish and cool graphics! Rendered sound effects and music! Also a well programmed physics engine and so many features!
Times played: 8.413
File size: 2,9 Mb
Author: rzn1986
Genre: Action, Arcade
Published: 10 years and 230 days ago.
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