Steam And Brass
Steam And Brass

Complete the pipe system from the top to the bottom of the screen, before the time runs out. You get points for each pipe connected  to the system.


Use left mouse button to rotate the pipes.

Additional pipes:
- Blocked pipe: Watch out for this type of obstacles! The liquid will not flow through the blocked pipe.
- Locked pipe: You can't rotate this type of pipe. However, fluid can pass through it.
- Rusty pipe: You can rotate this type of pipe only 2 times, the third rotation will destroy it.

- Bonus score: Lead the liquid through this type of pipe to get additional 1000 points.
- Bonus time: Lead the liquid through this type of pipe to get additional 10 seconds.

Times played: 1.439
File size: 2,0 Mb
Author: jakubdec
Genre: Puzzle
Published: 8 years and 152 days ago.
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