Solo Hero
Solo Hero

You take the role of a pilot in WWII codenamed Blue Dragon. You have just returned from a successful raid and have to cross enemy territory to get back to your ship and return home. You can collect points by destroying enemy planes, tanks, boats and soldiers on your trip back to your ship. You can collect bonus points by landing your plane on the deck of your ship... which is harder than it sounds! If you overshoot or miss the ship you must eject or you will miss your ride home! With each level that goes by your minimum speed will increase, making targeting more difficult.

Press W to increase your altitude and let it go to decrease. Press D to increase and A to decrease speed. Press the right shift key to shoot and the space bar to drop a bomb. More instructions inside the game!

Times played: 1.691
File size: 1,9 Mb
Author: SteveHarris
Genre: Shooter
Published: 9 years and 2 days ago.
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