20 challenging levels of turn-based puzzle fun! Stop the play area from filling up by matching goal shapes and crushing the marks that show where new tiles will appear. Earn power points to spend on powerful spells. Reach the highest level you can before you are overwhelmed!

Achievement Challenge: try to gain all 42 achievement badges to be crowned the Shapely Champion!

Unlock Eternal Play mode (with three levels of difficulty) by completing level 10 of the Challenge mode. Now you can play eternally!

Unlock Extended Play Levels by completing the whole 20 level challenge mode; how far can you go now?

Shapely has very simple rules...

Aim: Reach the highest level you can! Keep the play area from becoming full by matching goal shapes in the fewest moves possible.

Target shapes drop down in the 'goals' area to the right of the play area grid. Match their shape and color by moving the tiles in the grid. Every goal matched will score power points.

The grid contains colored tiles and circular marks.

Tiles can be moved by clicking once to pick it up, then again to place it in a new location.

Circular Marks show where new tiles will appear after each turn, causing the grid to fill up.

Each goal shape matched earns power points - the more complex the shape, the more points it is worth.

Matching multiple shapes in a single turn will increase the power multiplier, so even simple shapes can be worth lots of power points!

Save up your power points for an emergency then pick a spell to help rescue you!

Times played: 2.119
File size: 2,9 Mb
Author: pjbaron
Genre: Puzzle
Published: 9 years and 342 days ago.
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