Sacred Symbols
Sacred Symbols

In this puzzle game, you click the objects to make them explode. Explosions will be colored according to the object, and will trigger nearby objects to explode as well. The game consists of five types of objects: gems, bombs, lasers, crystals and nukes. Each of which is used in a different way. The object of the game is to create large chain reactions of explosions and clear away the levels as quickly as you can. You must use your problem solving skills to determine what spells you will activate and how you will go about clearing each level. Any combo below 3 that doesn't start with a special object will cause you damage, and when your health drops to zero, the game is over.

Times played: 2.073
File size: 506 Kb
Author: hilysm
Genre: Puzzle, Strategy
Published: 11 years and 199 days ago.
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