Runic Quest
Runic Quest

An adventurer lost on a mysterious island faces the dangers of a Runic Quest.

Every game is different! Lots of replay value with near 200 randomly-generated levels.

Test your mental agility while the time is running out!

The goal of the game is to cross each level from bottom to top, walking over the Runes of the same color before the time runs out.
Click on a Rune to start and follow Runes of the same color to reach the other side. Clearing all Runes of the same color gives you a time bonus.
Sometimes you will need to jump to get across. Just click on a Rune two steps away from your current position.

You will find some special Runes on your travels.
Teleport Runes are magic Runes that appear in pairs. When you step on one, you appear at the other. You must use them and clear a color in order to gain a time bonus.

White Runes let you change Rune color. You can always step onto a white Rune and from a white Rune you can step onto any color, although you will have to clear two colors in order to gain a time bonus.

Times played: 1.819
File size: 2,4 Mb
Author: EvolutionDreamsStudio
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle
Published: 9 years and 31 days ago.
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