Robo City
Robo City
Welcome to Robo City, a world in which humans rely heavily on service robots to handle the little things in life and give mankind some much needed time for rest and relaxation. Service robots come equipped with basic job A.I. required to perform their daily tasks, but something happened inside a local Robot Assembly Plant (RAP) that changed all that. The Factory started to create new service robots; robots designed to wipe out humanity and establish A.I. dominance over the entire world. Fortunately for the world you control a Portable Logistics Ultra Grunt (PLUG for short) and it is up to you to stop as many malfunctioning service robots as you can before they escape the RAP facility and start taking out people instead of the trash.
Times played: 3.117
File size: 1,6 Mb
Author: Hardcircle
Genre: Defense, Shooter
Published: 7 years and 339 days ago.
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