Oliver & The Basilisks
Oliver & The Basilisks
The wizard's apprentice, Oliver, has gotten himself in a predicament! Use spells and clever strategy to clear each level of basilisks! Your performance will earn you new spells and added charges for the wand. Performing efficiently in the low levels allows Oliver to stock up on magic and survive longer.

Use the numerical keypad to move in 8 possible directions, or 5 to rest in your position. Use 0 to meditate. A to use the amulet, S to use the wand and D to use the scroll. You can also click the buttons on the right side with the mouse.
Times played: 2.742
File size: 3,4 Mb
Author: smileygamercom
Genre: Puzzle, RPG, Strategy
Published: 8 years and 189 days ago.
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