Linia simulates cutting patterns from folded paper. You can cut holes and colour in areas in three colours, and view the resulting pattern in real time. Make abstract patterns, draw pictures, write messages... the only limit is your imagination! Once you're happy with your pattern you can save it to your computer to share with friends, or print it out.

Linia also includes a puzzle mode - double click the Puzzle icon to turn your completed pattern into a jigsaw puzzle. Complete the puzzle to move on to the next background image. Once you've created (and solved) six patterns, you can review all your creations in a gallery.


Define polygons to cut out or paint by clicking to set points in the editing area. Mouseover the icons for instructions on what each tool does.

Times played: 1.984
File size: 4,7 Mb
Author: Gimme5Games
Genre: Puzzle, Other
Published: 8 years and 301 days ago.
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