Knightfall: Death and Taxes
Knightfall: Death and Taxes
Since banishing the terrible Simurgh back to the howling emptiness of the Vortex, life has been quiet and peaceful for Knight and Princess. That is until now. A group of thieves has stolen all their plunder, leaving them with monstrous debts, and in thrall to the kingdom's mysterious "Taxman". Now it's time for them to settle their money woes once and for all!

Play as both Knight and Princess and puzzle your way through more than 100 stages of addictive action! Drill through groups of blocks and rotate the stage to grab the key and escape each room. Face off against fearsome foes and battle all new bosses on your quest to defeat your enemies and earn some much needed gold. After you've put together some cash, visit the village shops for new armor, magic, potions and more! It's a thrilling puzzle adventure of monsters, marriage and money in Knightfall: Death and Taxes!
Times played: 2.095
File size: 8,1 Mb
Author: Megadev
Genre: Puzzle, RPG
Published: 9 years and 78 days ago.
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