Isoball 2 is an isometric 3D puzzle game that will test your spatial awareness and logic skills to the limit. Build structures using blocks, ramps, conveyor belts, bridges and more, to make a path for the ball to reach the hole. With 50 levels and 10 'sandbox mode' bonus levels, Isoball 2 offers hours of engrossing gameplay.

Features & Improvements:

- Streamlined interface and six new colour schemes
- New blocks including conveyor belts, teleports and phase bridges
- Sandbox levels allow you to express your creativity (...try creating infinitely looping tracks!)
- Online hi-score system with Facebook and Twitter support
- Saves your progress after every level
- No time limits!


Use the mouse to select and place blocks. Repeatedly click on the block icons at the bottom of the screen to rotate them. Use the "Erase" tool to remove individual blocks, and the "Clear" button to remove all blocks from the level. When you think you've built a successful route, click "Start" to release the ball.

Times played: 5.709
File size: 697 Kb
Author: Gimme5Games
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle
Published: 9 years and 185 days ago.
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