The farmer has planted his flowerbeds with bulbs, now it's up to FarmBee to make them blossom into colourful flowers. Buzz around the fields, touching all the bulbs, but don't crash into the stinkbugs (they'll temporarily stun you). Work quickly to impress the crowd and boost your score!


Use the mouse cursor to guide FarmBee to touch the seeds. Click the left mouse button to send out a blast of pollen that will instantly open all the flowers around you, but be careful as you only have a limited number of these pollen blasts. When all the bulbs on screen have been pollinated, the GO! button will appear - fly FarmBee towards it to move to the next area.

Times played: 4.098
File size: 1,9 Mb
Author: Gimme5Games
Genre: Action, Arcade, Other
Published: 12 years and 144 days ago.
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