Dungeon Knight
Dungeon Knight

Dungeon Knight is a puzzle game. You control the fearsome knight with the great -but as it seems, totally useless- sword in a quest to save the princess from the dungeon. As expected, the dungeon is inhabited by slimy monsters. And just because the sword cannot seem to do much more than keep the monsters a bit away, all you can do is avoid them. Until they realize that you do not pose much of a threat of course. Or do you? Of course you do! Even if your equipment might not be in a state to take advantage of your brawns, your brain is in perfect shape and you can outsmart these green drones at any time. Just guide them to their own death by bumping them to each other.

Or just outrun them.

To play Dungeon Knight, use the arrow keys to move the knight around. The game is turn based, so the monsters will stay in their positions until you do a move. You can skip a single turn by pressing the space bar. This is needed in some puzzles. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot win, just restart the map by pressing R. Unlike getting killed, you do not lose a life with a restart. To finish a level, move to the opening at the borders of the level.

Times played: 1.781
File size: 555 Kb
Author: badsector
Genre: Puzzle
Published: 9 years and 288 days ago.
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