Dog Pound
Dog Pound

Dog Pound is a story of a man who tries to escape the mortal trap set by semi-intelligent mutant dogs headed by his ex-beloved pet that turned into a cunning monster. Caught unaware in his boat in the middle of a river by a huge pack of blood-thirsty creatures he has no weapon to defend himself and almost no chance to survive. The only thing he can do is to smash the heads of monsters with his oar for as long as possible.

Slay mutants in a series of challenges that tell the story of Gerasim and his dog Mumu. Collect bonus items like vodka, rubber ducks and blow-up dolls, but avoid hazardous stingrays, seamines and toxic barrels. Complete with online leaderboards.


Use the cursor keys to swing your oar in four directions.

Times played: 2.993
File size: 2,8 Mb
Author: Gimme5Games
Genre: Action, Arcade, Fighting
Published: 10 years and 57 days ago.
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