Defense 1942
Defense 1942

Tower defense game with quality pre-rendered graphics and (optionally) copious amounts of blood!Can you defend Singapore against the Japanese army?

- 20 levels, with surprise ending in level 20, well not anymore now
- 3 difficulty levels from Easy (which is Very Easy) to Hard (which is Very Hard)
- 9 build options
- 3 upgradable statistics for each tower with multiple stages of upgrade for each
- permanent upgrade options between levels
- 9 enemy types from 'soldier' to 'captain' and from 'truck' to 'heavy tank'
- multiple fire control modes
- three tunes
- quality sound effects
- permanent blood stains (if enabled from main menu)
- agonised screams (if enabled from main menu)
- every level has a different set of paths
- every level has a different balance of enemies
- carefully balanced strengths and weaknesses for enemy units and weapons
- quality pre-rendered backgrounds for all menus and scenes

Times played: 11.427
File size: 4,6 Mb
Author: pjbaron
Genre: Defense, Strategy
Published: 9 years and 55 days ago.
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