Throughout the game, blocks containing different numbers of vertical or horizontal bars fall from the top of the screen. When you line up three or more bars in a row, they are connected and then destroyed.

If you remove all the bars from a given block, it collapses and the blocks above it fall down to take its place.With the special bomb, blocks already on the ground can be destroyed.

The game is over when the game area is filled with blocks.


Move Left: Left Arrow
Move Right: Right Arrow
Rotate: Up Arrow
Slow Drop: Down Arrow
Fast Drop: Spacebar


Removed bars= 1 point. If you remove more than 3 bars you are rewarded with 1 more point for each bar!

Removed Blocks: 5 point for first, 10 point for second, 15 points for third ...

Combos: Sometimes many bars/blocks can be destroyed in multiple waves: The score is doubled in the first combo, then tripled etc.

Times played: 2.232
File size: 15 Kb
Author: belavh
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle, Strategy
Published: 10 years and 40 days ago.
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