Burning Metal
Burning Metal

Burning Metal is a 3D shooter. Game has a good graphics, music and sound effects.
Dynamic gameplay captures the player with the first seconds. The complexity of the game increases from level to level. Enemy ships always attacking and do not give to relax.
In this game you have to fight with alien ships (5 different types) in 10 areas (50 levels).
You control the cannon to fight alien invaders of Earth. You can rotate the cannon around its axis and control the movement of enemy.

How to play:

To control your cannon use the buttons:
left - for rotation in left side
right - for rotation in right side
up - for rotation in up
down - for rotation in down

For shooting, use the buttons:
SPACE - shoot the laser
CTRL - shoot the rockets

Times played: 2.905
File size: 4,7 Mb
Author: EugeneOst
Genre: Action, Shooter
Published: 10 years and 89 days ago.
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