Players control a small blue ball that is equipped with a spring device, working like a grappling hook. This tool is used to hook onto other balls and in turn, use their momentum to swing across the playing field. Simply, aim with the mouse, and shoot with the left mouse button.

The aim of the game is to complete levels as quickly as possible; the faster you finish each level, the more points you will be rewarded. To go up levels you must activate all surrounding regular balls (red) by knocking into them once per level.

Power-up balls (white) will spawn onto the playing field to aid you. To activate them you must bounce into them. There are 3 different types of power-ups:

- Health (gain 1 life)

- Fly (temporarily control your ball with the mouse)

- Slow-motion (temporarily all balls except for your ball will slow)

A life will be lost for every time your ball makes contact with the boundary of the playing field. Other hazards include the randomly occurring black hole, which will dangerously suck your ball towards it, possibly resulting in losing a life if too close. Death is inevitable, and both time and level slowly increase the difficulty.

Times played: 2.479
File size: 189 Kb
Author: Viza
Genre: Action, Arcade
Published: 10 years and 302 days ago.
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