Blobie is an interactive space shooter twist. Instead of shooting things, you simply run into them... with the Sun! You play as a god in charge of saving Earth's star, the Sun. To do this, you must continually crash the Sun into random matter floating about outer space to make it grow! Watch out though, as not all matter is created equally... some might be your downfall.

Although there is an in-game overview of the game, here are some highlights: - Use the mouse to command the Sun around outer space - Crash into asteroids to build up size, and get a few points too! - Avoid Space Ice; it will make you shrink... because it is cold. - Meteors are few and far between, but they offer a lot of points for collecting them. - Pressing and holding the Left Mouse Button allows you to directly control the sun, for a cost. - Press P to pause, Q to quit, or M to mute the music

Times played: 2.570
File size: 576 Kb
Author: SandFire1on1
Genre: Action, Arcade
Published: 9 years and 43 days ago.
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