The goal of this game is to create a full column of your colored blocks on the side of your opponent. When you create a full column you will score a point on the parent Grey block, score on a majority of active Greys to win!

Creating blocks is acheived by hitting a neutral Grey block with your ball. You should play defense as well by destroying your opponents blocks with your ball.

Your paddle can control the angle of your ball depending on where on the paddle the ball makes contact. The paddle also keeps the ball "Alive", if the ball hits your backline without touching your paddle it will "Die" and not cause damage or create new blocks. Reviving your ball is as simple as hitting it with your paddle.

Powerups drop ocassionally and provide distinct advantages, try to catch them!

Times played: 2.173
File size: 4,9 Mb
Author: TonyK
Genre: Arcade, Other
Published: 9 years and 319 days ago.
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