Battle Gear
Battle Gear
Battle Gear is a strategical warfare game. Your goal is to conquer the world. Start by choosing your side from one of three superpowers: USA, Russia and China.Take charge of military operations and enter enemy territory by air, sea and land.

Press [Left/Right arrows] or [A]/[D] to scroll the field.
Press [Z] or [C] keys to fast scroll to the left or right edge of battlefield.
Press [Up/Down arrows] or [W]/[S] to control the arrow sign (only for manual troops appear).
Press [P] to pause the game.
Click units to train or use [1..9] hotkeys.

Read in game instructions.

Times played: 9.469
File size: 7,4 Mb
Author: belugerin
Genre: Defense, Strategy
Published: 10 years and 169 days ago.
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